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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / Genesis

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Genesis Exodus

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1 Forsothe aftir that Abram bigan to be of nynti yeer and nyne, the Lord apperide to hym, and seide to him, Y am Almyyti God; go thou bifore me, and be thou perfit;

2 and Y schal sette my couenaunt of pees bitwixe me and thee; and Y schal multiplie thee ful greetli.

3 And Abram felde doun lowe on his face.

4 And God seide to hym, Y am, and my couenaunt of pees is with thee, and thou schalt be the fadir of many folkis;

5 and thi name schal no more be clepid Abram, but thou schalt be clepid Abraham, for Y haue maad thee fadir of many folkis;

6 and Y schal make thee to wexe ful greetli, and Y schal sette thee in folkis, and kyngis schulen go out of thee;

7 and Y schal make my couenaunt bitwixe me and thee, and bitwixe thi seed after thee, in her generaciouns, bi euerlastynge bond of pees, that Y be thi God, and of thi seed after thee;

8 and Y schal yyue to thee and to thi seed after thee the lond of thi pilgrymage, al the lond of Chanaan, in to euerlastynge possessioun, and Y schal be the God of hem.

9 God seide eft to Abraham, And therfor thou schalt kepe my couenaunt, and thi seed after thee, in her generaciouns.

10 This is my couenaunt, which ye schulen kepe bitwixe me and you, and thi seed after thee; ech male kynde of you schal be circumcidid,

11 and ye schulen circumside the fleisch of youre mannes yeerd, that it be in to a signe of boond of pees bytwixe me and you.

12 A yong child of eiyte daies schal be circumsidid in you, al male kynde in youre generaciouns, as wel a borun seruaunt as a seruaunt bouyt schal be circumsidid, and who euere is of youre kynrede he schal be circumsidid;

13 and my couenaunt schal be in youre fleisch in to euerlastynge boond of pees.

14 A man whos fleisch of his yerde schal not be circumsidid, thilke man schal be doon a wei fro his puple; for he made voide my couenaunt.

15 Also God seide to Abraham, Thou schalt not clepe Saray, thi wijf, Sarai, but Sara;

16 and Y schal blesse hir, and of hir I schal yyue to thee a sone, whom I schal blesse, and he schal be in to naciouns, and kyngis of puplis schulen be borun of hym.

17 Abraham felde doun on his face, and leiyede in his hert, and seide, Gessist thou, whethir a sone schal be borun to a man of an hundrid yeer, and Sara of nynti yeer schal bere child?

18 And he seide to the Lord, Y wolde that Ismael lyue bifore thee.

19 And the Lord seide to Abraham, Sara, thi wijf, schal bere a sone to thee, and thou schalt clepe his name Ysaac, and Y schal make my couenaunt to hym in to euerlastynge boond of pees, and to his seed aftir hym;

20 also on Ysmael Y haue herd thee, lo! Y schal blesse him, and Y schal encreesse, and Y schal multiplie him greetli; he schal gendre twelue dukis, and Y schal make hym in to a greet folk.

21 Forsothe Y schal make my couenaunt to Ysaac, whom Sare schal childe to thee in this tyme in the tother yeer.

22 And whanne the word of the spekere with hym was endid, God stiede fro Abraham.

23 Forsothe Abraham took Ismael, his sone, and alle the borun seruauntis of his hous, and alle which he hadde bouyte, alle the malis of alle men of his hous, and circumsidide the fleisch of her yerde, anoon in that dai, as the Lord comaundide him.

24 Abraham was of nynti yeer and nyne whanne he circumsidide the fleisch of his yeerd,

25 and Ismael, his sone, hadde fillid threttene yeer in the tyme of his circumsicioun.

26 Abraham was circumsidid in the same day, and Ismael his sone,

27 and alle men of his hows, as wel borun seruauntis as bouyt and aliens, weren circumcidid togidre.

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